Salesforce Administration


We offers solutions to automate all kinds of business processes as  behind-the-scenes automation, and approval automation. With Process Builders and Flow using the general logic, it is easy to customise or turn off without any expert Administrator support.

We are well aware of the benefits and drawbacks of the Salesforce automation tools. Thus we can provide most precise automation solution.

One of the key pearl in the world of automation is the knowledge of flow of execution in Salesforce and we are very well know of this, thus it make us perfect in applying any of the Automation tool.


  • Workflow allows us to update a field assign a task, send email etc. we are well capable in implementing immediate and time based actions in work flow.
  • Process Builder provides some more actions than workflow like Post to Chatter and Submit for Approval etc. and overcomes the order of execution of rules of workflows. thus we know when to use workflow or Process builder.
  • Flow provides us exceptional capabilites of manipulating data in salesforce and we are aware of Screen Flows and Autolaunched  flows.
  • Approval Process We have provided many approval process solutions to our clients and made it easier for them to auto respond when a record is approved, rejected, recalled, or first submitted for approval.

Reports and Dashboards

We can build reports  for you to see how your business is doing. We can also translate them into charts to show visualisations of your data.

We have crafted many reports for our clients which helps them to analyse the data and growth of their business in realtime.

  • Reports  Build reports to know the exact status of your Leads, Opportunities, or any other data. Reports provide an bird eye view to the data present in your Salesforce instance.
  • Dashboards  We create customised Dashboards with Horizontal bar chart, Vertical bar chart, Line chart, etc. With which you can easily take an overview of the important numbers daily or weekly.


Security is one of the major concern of any Organisation, we offer well packaged security where only the information necessary for the user will be visible to them.

With proper security structure we make sure that users can get through their work without any barrier due to security issues.

Types of Salesforce Security on Offer
  • Object-level-security
  • Field-level-security
  • Record-level security 
  • Profile
  • Role Hierarchy