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Solutions on Salesforce Customized Specifically for Business Needs

We offer customized Solutions for your business needs.
Look into some of the Customized Solutions offered by us in a few clicks.

Lead Management

Manage your leads with the help of Salesforce, and drive a better way of communication which helps you to convert leads faster and in a better way.

Set Milestones, and integrate Pardot, and Marketing Cloud, to communicate with clients as per your milestones. Run Customised Campaigns and convert more leads.

  • Integrate Google Analytics to keep all your Analytics data at one place.
  • Use Pardot for customised campaigns and better prospects conversion.
  • Use Marketing Cloud for seamless SMS Integrations.
  • Integrate your Lead Selling Partners to communicate actual conversion status with the partners.
  • Understand leads better with Salesforce Reports and Dashboards.

Payments Solutions

Integrate your Direct Debit Partners, Accounting Partners, Credit Card Payments Processors with Salesforce, and manage all the information about upcoming payments, scheduling payments, and more with Salesforce. 

  • Integrate Direct Debit Providers, to seamlessly provide services to users without managing things manually.
  • Credit Card / Online Payments Processor integration will provide you the feasibility to provide subscription services, easily and instantly.

Customer Portal / Communities

Communities and Portal can help you to offer services which might not be possible with a static website. You can let the users view the necessary data without the need of an actual Salesforce license and even take requests for their orders / subscriptions, etc. 

  • Build your lightning Community with reports and dashboards, to allow your partners to view the real-time progress of their leads.
  • Create a Secured Site Portal for your customers, where you can allow them to login and see their application process.